[kaffe] kaffe performance

WhiteGandalf zuse at libero.it
Sat Jun 28 11:00:01 PDT 2003

as I told Dalibor, I'm mainly interested in kaffe because I am doing 
some benchmarls about cross-platfrom java perfomance and I couldn't 
resist to compare kaffe to JDK 1.1 that runs on my sparc.

I used kaffe-cvs configured with no options. If understand correctly, 
this gives me "jit" as an engine?

Objective-C : 323.50u 0.09s 5:23.82 99.9%
Sun java    : 350.29u 0.35s 5:51.35 99.7%
Kaffe java  : 714.26u 0.51s 11:55.23 99.9%
C           : 161.66u 0.06s 2:41.82 99.9%

of course the C program is just a sort of equivalent and these are 
rought times, not definitive benchmarks. This in particular was a small 
bench that runs method invocation in a tight loop (or this reason I 
compare it to obj-c instead to C)


PS: I hope to publish the bench sources with the report when I finish 

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