[kaffe] The Verifier and Regression Tests

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Mon Jun 30 07:11:01 PDT 2003

Hi Rob,

--- Rob Gonzalez <rgonzale at wso.williams.edu> wrote:

> I've started checking in small portions of the verifier for testing.  The

That's cool!

> It would be nice if people would test kaffe with the verifier on whatever
> they're working on.  By default kaffe doesn't not do any verification, but
> if you run it with -verifyremote it will verify everything that's not from
> the bootclasspath (i.e. the standard libraries).

I'd like to point out, before you start drowning in bug reports, that jikes
1.18 miscompiles at least one regression test, and kjc (shipped with kaffe) is
known to miscompile rt.jar. So always check that the compiler isn't the culprit
> When I first wrote pass 2, I had it enforce all the static constaints
> listed in the JVML Spec 2.  However, it turns out that Sun's JVM doesn't
> enforce many of the containts that it should, so I've occassionally come
> across a file that my verifier won't pass but Sun's will because I was
> being too strict.  Thus if you run kaffe and it rejects files that Sun's
> does not, definitely let me know.  My goal is to make it fault for fault
> compatible with Sun's behavior and not that of the actual specification.

I'd prefer to have an extra option for -verifystrict to tell the verifier to
verify files according to the spec since Sun's implementation is a moving

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