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hi Aidan,

--- Aidan Delaney <adelaney at cs.may.ie> wrote:
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> Hey all,
> 	Sorry for the OT post.  I'm trying to teach some
> 3rd year CS students how to 
> build an embedded system (and learn myself).  Does
> anyone know of a good 
> emulator for a non-x86 architecture suitable for a
> small embedded system.  We 
> can't afford the HW (currently) so we need to be
> able to cross-compile a 
> Linux kernel and Kaffe (of course) and run them on
> an emulator.

Sounds pretty tough to me. There's only a few
emulators I know of that are capable of booting a
linux kernel:

ArcEm , an acorn emulator (ARM)

Hercules, an IBM z-series emulator (s390), but a
zSeries can be hardly considered a realistic embedded

UAE (amiga, m68k) may be able to pull it off as well,
with an mmu patch that's available on the UAE site.

The Vtech Helio emulator apparently can load linuxVR,
according to the linux for Helio project.

I have also seen reports of uclinux loading in the
PalmOS emulator POSE (m68k), but then you'd have to
merge in the uclinux port from pocketlinux first
(which would be great, btw.)

I am not aware of any SH3 or PowerPC system emulator
that can load a linux kernel. You may also want to
check with the SimOS developers.

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