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Fri Mar 7 01:31:01 PST 2003

CVSROOT:	/cvs/kaffe
Module name:	kaffe
Changes by:	dalibor	03/03/07 01:29:57

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog 
	config/m68k    : common.h threads.h 
	config/m68k/amigaos: md.h 

Log message:
2003-03-07 Tony Wyatt <wyattaw at optushome.com.au>

* configure/m68k/common.h:
The COMPARE_AND_EXCHANGE macro has been modified to make it
work. I have modified it to work in all three of the calls in
locks.c, without the assembler syntax errors that it originally

* configure/m68k/threads.h:
I have removed the definition of SP_OFFSET from this common
file. Since it is peculiar to each OS, it belongs in the next
level down in the source tree. Other OS versions that do not
define their own values for SP_OFFSET, will  now fail. Those that
do not define SP_OFFSET and are now broken are a-ux, nextstep3 and

* config/m68k/amigaos/md.h:
I have added an #include of common.h which was omitted.
I have added the definition of SP_OFFSET.

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