[kaffe] "Regarding Kaffe installation on Alpha OSF"

K.Kalapriya kalapriya at mufasa.cadl.iisc.ernet.in
Wed Mar 12 07:25:01 PST 2003

I had configured using configure --prefix=.. --with-engine=intrp
--with-staticlib --with-staticvm

When i run make check I get only few PASS. Others seem to fail. 

Can anyone let me know what is wrong.

FAIL: Preempt.java
FAIL: ReflectInterfaces.java
FAIL: InnerTest.java
FAIL: SerialUID.java
FAIL: TestSerializable.java
FAIL: TestSerializable2.java
FAIL: TestCasts.java
FAIL: Alias.java
FAIL: NullPointerTest.java
FAIL: NullInvoke.java
PASS: TableSwitch.java
PASS: LostFrame.java
FAIL: ConstructorTest.java
FAIL: burford.java
FAIL: IllegalInterface.java
FAIL: GetInterfaces.java
FAIL: IntfTest.java
PASS: SignedShort.java
FAIL: CharCvt.java
PASS: BadFloatTest.java
FAIL: ProcessTest.java
FAIL: UDPTest.java
FAIL: SoTimeout.java
FAIL: wc.java
FAIL: FileTest.java
FAIL: FileChecks.java
FAIL: finalexc.java
PASS: finaltest.java
PASS: finaltest2.java
FAIL: forNameTest.java
FAIL: LoaderTest.java
PASS: ArrayForName.java
PASS: KaffeVerifyBug.java
PASS: Schtum.java
FAIL: Reflect.java
FAIL: MethodBug.java
FAIL: Bean.java
PASS: SortTest.java
PASS: HashTest.java
PASS: MapTest.java
PASS: URLTest.java
FAIL: PropertiesTest.java
FAIL: ReaderTest.java
FAIL: CharArrayReaderTest.java

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