[kaffe] Gilgul 1.0.7 released

Gilgul Maintainer gilgul at joint.org
Thu Mar 13 13:39:01 PST 2003


I'd like to anounce the "new" version of the gilgul virtual machine, 
which is based on kaffe-1.0.7.

Gilgul is an compatible extension to the Java language, 
which provides means for unanticipated software evolution.
Head to http://javalab.cs.uni-bonn.de/research/gilgul/ for 
more information and download.

We would be grateful for your feedback, be it questions, bug reports, 
or advices. (especially on tweaking the build system to the end of 
getting rid of ./gilgul_install and proper make [test|check])

I'd like to thank you for the help you gave me during the development, 
and of course for kaffe itself. Keep up the good work.


Fabio Fracassi

www: http://javalab.cs.uni-bonn.de/research/gilgul/
mail: gilgul at joint.org

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