[kaffe] [Bug in CVS version] (-1)/2 == -1 sometimes

Benja Fallenstein b.fallenstein at gmx.de
Fri Mar 21 06:51:01 PST 2003

Hi Tim,

Timothy Stack wrote:
>>With a current CVS version of Kaffe (compiled yesterday), the following 
>>program, compiled with Sun javac or kjc--
> ...
>>gives me this output:
>>>benja at joy:/tmp$ /usr/local/kaffe/bin/java -cp . Foo
> CVS update and give it a try.
> The problem was that the jitter was using arithmetic shift to do divide,
> which doesn't quite work for signed integers.  The fix is based on what
> gcc generates and seems to work.

Works for me now. Thanks!

- Benja

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