[kaffe] Overactive GC

Matthew Tippett matthew.tippett at sympatico.ca
Wed Mar 26 08:17:01 PST 2003


Looking for some guidance on this one.

Using Kaffe on an embedded MIPS platform I am observing unusual garbage 
collection behaviour

The system has 32 MB of RAM, of which there is 1.5 MB system memory 
free.  The particular behaviour I am seeing is that in certain 
conditions, there is garbage collection running continually.  The file 
attached is output from -verbosemem -verbosegc.  The gc seems to be 
running on every second without fail.

Looking at the output, it looks like there is a condition triggering gc 
which the VM cannot resolve through gc, resulting in a 'try, fail, 
trigger, try, fail, trigger loop, which ends up consuming all VM resources.


Can someone provide guidance as to the generalised process that the VM 
goes through to trigger GC, and consequently if there is a way that I 
can stop or reconfigure the GC trigger points to ensure that we don't 
move into a continual GC loop.

I am currently playing with the -mx -ms paramaters.


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