[kaffe] kaffe installation

Matthew Tippett matthew.tippett at sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 28 04:35:02 PST 2003

Discovered a similar problem on a MIPS embedded system.  Looking at 
config.log, it looks like it can't find cpp - it is looking in /lib/cpp 
for me.  (Which obviously is wrong).  By any chance are you using gcc-3.2?

The workaround that I did was add a symbolic link from /usr/bin/cpp to 
/lib/cpp and pass the --with-includes=/usr/include.  That built.  You 
may find that the output ./configure has lots of

	checking for stdio.h... no

Type messages, that is the problem that I had.



Eashwar Natarajan wrote:
> hai everyone,
>    I am new to this group, kaffe jvm and mandrake linux. I have problems 
> in installing kaffe in mandrake linux 9.0 by (steps ./configure, make 
> and make install). i get syntax errors in the make step for ex( O_RDONLY 
> not defined, ... not defined ,...not defined etc).  i got these errors 
> in jar.c , ..kaffeh/support.c.
>  Curiously none of these occur while installing in mandrake linux 8.1. 
> plz help me to solve the problem.
> Eashwar.N
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