[kaffe] AWT based on QT or GTK(2)?

Hans Peter javafriend at gmx.net
Sun Mar 30 01:51:01 PST 2003

Hi there!  
I try to develop a native swing replacement based on qt or gtk2.  
These swing-replacement should be useable by nearly any free jvm, kaffe 
and gcj included.  
But I need to have a awt which also is based on the same widget-set, so 
that there are no problems when mixing awt and swing.  
Some time ago I heard that there is a qt/awt port running on kaffe and 
made using jni. I found a link at the kaffe main-site but the archive I 
found only contained some cpp-files.  
Where can I find the complete port including everything I need to compile 
and run?  
And how complete is it, whats missing?  
Another question: I also want to use gcj and this means the compiled code 
will be linked against qt not only interpreted and abstracted from the 
real code. This could lead to license-problems, I want to license my code 
the same way classpath does.  
So maybe GTK2 would be a fine alternative, does anybody know an 
awt-implementation based on GTK(2)?  
Thanks for your patience reading this stuff ;-)  
Mfg hans 

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