[kaffe] Re: m68k w/ custom OS

Tony Wyatt wyattaw at optushome.com.au
Sun Mar 30 15:17:02 PST 2003

Hi Jan,

On 27-Mar-03, you wrote:

> I'd like to port kaffevm to m68k architecture, but my operating system is
> different from those listed in config/m68k/ or in config.sub .
Big job. Most of the operating systems there are Unix-compatible or have a
Unix-compatible layer that supports kaffe. Basically, kaffe depends on a
Unix-like environment.

> could you give me some directions how to achieve this?
> i'd like to do it as quick as possible:)
First, get your OS to be Unix-compatible.

> my OS is embedded in CE-device, is specific to this device.
If you look in config/m68k, you'll see "amigaos" there. It might be the
closest to what you have. The Amiga "port" uses the "ixemul" library, 
which approximates Linux compatibilty. Even with that library, it's a lot
different from Linux and much of the kaffe code doesn't work.

I've now spent three months trying to get the Amiga port to work (it
didn't). It's getting better, but I'd hate to start from scratch. If you
must make a new port to a new OS, email me, I might be able to help you get
started. But it's going to be a big job unless your OS is Unix-like 
(probably years).

Can you change your OS to something more likely to succeed?


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