[kaffe] INTRP, JIT1 & JIT3 on m68k platform

Tony Wyatt wyattaw at optushome.com.au
Fri May 2 17:54:01 PDT 2003

Hi Kiyo and other m68k fans,

On 02-May-03, you wrote:

> I have been working JIT3 for linux, and at least till 2002-11-02 version,
> it can execute so many test programs if you compile it with some other
> system. BUT, always it is slower than JIT. I have submitted this at that
> time and no other guys are tackling this fact. If I remember correctly,
> only Dalibar responded that 'on i386, JIT3 is faster than JIT'.
Well, I've got JIT3 working to some extent on Amiga now. 
It runs Hello World, but doesn't compile yet. However, I'm painting myself 
into a corner here with the changes I'm making to the config files.

Specifically, the files:

(1)    config/m68k/jit-m68k.def;
(2)    config/m68k/jit3-m68k.def;
(3)    config/m68k/jit.h.

I have had to make considerable changes to all of these files (things like
register allocations are very different between Amiga and Linux), and in
order to maintain the cross-platform portability, we can do one of several
things (there may be a better way, please suggest):

(1)    put conditional compilation in the files mentioned above;
(2)    redefine some register and other names as macros in a
        platform-specific definition;
(3)    split the files into independent config/m68k/$$OS versions and edit
        kaffe:configure to make kaffevm/kaffe.def point to config/m68k/$$OS

I prefer (3) because we can then have independent files to work on, without
the danger of breaking each other's port. But it may be better some other

What do you think?


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