[kaffe] Re: INTRP, JIT1 & JIT3 on m68k platform

Tony Wyatt wyattaw at optushome.com.au
Tue May 6 02:41:02 PDT 2003

Hi Kiyo,

On 06-May-03, you wrote:

> Sounds good. If possible, could you please make (very rough) performance
> measurement for JIT and JIT3 on Amiga. The easiest is just measure the
> execution time for HelloWorldApp by 'time' command.
I've spent all day compiling all three versions and creating three separate
installation environments (/usr/local/kaffe-intrp, -jit, -jit3).
Now I can switch from one to the other. 

I can not detect any difference in speed between the interpreter,
jit1 or jit3, using the test classes, they just don't run for long enough.

So I got hold of a benchmark called "Linpack" from the web and 
compiled and ran that. I compiled it using JIT1 and ran the same compiled class 
on all three VMs.

Measurements taken on my Amiga 68060/50 MHz, using the dreaded ixemul
library (terribly slow). I'll run the same tests on native Linux on the same
hardware when I get JIT3 going under m68k Linux.

Interpreter:    0.065 Mflops/s, time taken 10.56 sec
JIT (1):         0.618 Mflops/s, time taken 1.11 sec
JIT (3):         0.457 Mflops/s, time taken 1.5 sec

So, I agree with you that JIT3 is slower then JIT1.


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