[kaffe] config/config-mem.h

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Tue May 6 15:23:02 PDT 2003

>> It works (can be compiled) for m68k-linux-2.0.7, but on i386-linux-2.2.5
>> (or more precisely, RedHat7.2), still else frase is used. The later has
>> 'ssize_t' defined in '/usr/include/unistd.h' but I am afraid '_SSIZE_T'
>> is not defined.
>So, just to be clear, how does rh7.2 fail?  Can you send the error

Nothing fails.
I insert some wrong statement in 'ifdef' clause to double check this
part is used rather than else clause on a machine which has correct
ssize_t is defined. But at least on RH7.2 (where ssize_t is defined)
this intentionally modified ifdef clause is not used.

If I understand correctly, your intention is
1) If ssize_t is defined, _SSIZE_T is defined
2) If _SSIZE_T is defined, ssize_t is used to define argument
And, RH7.2 should be in thie category but it is not.

If you think on a machine who has ssize_t defined but still use
size_t for argument def is ok, then your patch is ok, but I think
on these machine ssize_t should be used, am I right?


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