[kaffe] Re: INTRP, JIT1 & JIT3 speeds on m68k and x86 platforms

Tony Wyatt wyattaw at optushome.com.au
Tue May 6 19:27:01 PDT 2003

Hi Timothy,

I've re-run the tests on the PC, using your static definitions. The results
are more or less the same.

I think the difference in the behaviour on my machines and yours must be due
to the relatively large cache that your Pentium has. My Duron has only a small 
cache, and of course the old MC68060 has hardly any by modern standards.

Machine: Duron @ 600 MHz, SuSE 7.0, gcc 2.95.2
Benchmark:    Linpack.class (execute only)

"--with-staticvm --with-staticlib --with-engine=xxx --disable-debug"

INTRP:    1.38 Mflops/s,    0.5 sec
JIT1:       12.96 Mflops/s,  0.05 sec
JIT3:       12.72 Mflops/s,  0.05 sec

I tried recompiling the java file with different compilers like jikes, but
they all produce an identical class file (as you would expect).

I can't wait to see how the 800 MHz 7451 PPC performs.


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