[kaffe] OpenBSD i386 undefined trampoline symbol error at runtime

Greg Wooledge greg at wooledge.org
Wed May 7 18:00:01 PDT 2003

Greg Wooledge (greg at wooledge.org) wrote:

> Actually, it seems I spoke too quickly in my previous message.
> Kaffe compiled OK, and built the class library, and "gmake install"
> went almost smoothly(*).  But when I attempt to run it, I get this:
> $ java -version
> /usr/libexec/ld.so: Undefined symbol "_i386_do_fixup_trampoline" in kaffe-bin:/usr/local/kaffe/jre/lib/i386/libkaffevm.so.0.0

Additional information: it only succeeds in building the class library
because it's using the old installed Kaffe in /usr/local/kaffe.  If
I remove that before doing a clean build of today's CVS Kaffe, then
it aborts with the same message during the class library build.  To
be precise:

gmake[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/src/kaffe/libraries/javalib'
rm -rf lib
mkdir lib
/bin/sh ./rebuildLib @essential.files
Compiling classes from @essential.files using  /usr/local/src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffe/kaffe-bin -verbosegc at.dms.kjc.Main
/usr/libexec/ld.so: Undefined symbol "_i386_do_fixup_trampoline" in lt-kaffe-bin:/usr/local/src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffe/../kaffevm/.libs/libkaffevm.so.0.0

# nm /usr/local/src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffevm/.libs/libkaffevm.so.0.0 | grep tramp
000256e0 T _soft_fixup_trampoline
00041dc4 T i386_do_fixup_trampoline

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