[kaffe] Patch: Merge of Classpath glue code for assertion framework

Benja Fallenstein b.fallenstein at gmx.de
Sun May 11 12:22:01 PDT 2003

Dalibor Topic wrote:
> Hi Benja,
> --- Benja Fallenstein <b.fallenstein at gmx.de> wrote:
>>Dalibor Topic wrote:
>>>--- Benja Fallenstein <b.fallenstein at gmx.de> wrote:
>>I've noticed one omission on my part though: java.lang.AssertionError 
>>was also introduced in 1.4 and may be depended on by libs using the 
>>assertion-related methods-- probably want to have this too. This was 
>>missing from the diff because it has not been entered into CVS 
>>(obviously). Sorry.
> No worries, AssertionError is in the CVS already [1] ;)

ROTFL! So that's why it didn't show up in the diff even as a 'forgotten 
file' ;-)

Thanks again!
- Benja

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