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Mon May 12 09:19:01 PDT 2003

Hi everyone,

--- Daniel Bonniot <Daniel.Bonniot at inria.fr> wrote:
> Hi,
> >I've bumped up the limit to 48/0, now that Benja has merged in assertion
> >handling code from GNU Classpath.
> >
> Thanks, that's great news!
> If you could make a wild guess for a release date of the next version, 
> what would you say?

I think the old plan is still in place, with feature freeze on 2003-05-18, and
release on 2003-06-01. I'm behind the schedule on getting the features and
fixes in, but the top priority bit for me, make dist, now works, and I've
upgraded everything to latest auto* tools & libtool. 

The DNS java patch is ready to go in as well, pending a small CLASSPATH issue.

Other wishlist items:

* features:

+   qtopia support (patch is on list, waits for me to
test it and merge it in)

I'll have to give it a spin first, but I think that since I've fixed
qt-embedded now, the remaining things are getting the autoqt macro package to
recognize QPE and to set the linker flags correctly.

+   support for 1.4 style stack traces (from GNU

Requires someone to try rewriting kaffe's native methods for stack trace
generation to match the java classes from GNU Classpath.

* non-essential features:

+   more documentation: switch to DocBook, generate
man pages for tools, write FAQ.cross-compilation,
FAQ.benchmarking, merge in Edouard's porting guide.

I'll check in Edouard's porting guide tonight. I can create a FAQ.benchmarking
from my FAQ.ashes and Dan's FAQ.volanomark. I have't had a chance to look at
cross compilation yet, unfortunately.

I hope that Jim can do the DocBook bit ;) It would be nice to generate the man
pages from DocBook source, for example.

+   pure_java variants of some class libraries,
namely java.util.zip, dns support

Tim has written the DNS part, I may get to do some work on pure java zip, but
it's not my high priority at the moment.

+   support for security policies

My (unpublished, unpolished) tomcat patch has the code from GNU Classpath
merged in.

* fixes:

+   fixes for make dist / make distcheck

pretty much done. make distcheck has still some weird aspects left, but that's
not a high priority for me right now.

+   fixes for serialization to let the Jython
installer run
+   fixes for remaining Freenet problems
+   fixes for any remaining XSmiles problems
+   fixes for other remaining bugs reported on list
(mostly AWT stuff, I believe)
+   fixes for mauve failures on core classes

remains to be done ... but since they are not exactly features, they can fixed
post freeze.

+   fix 1.2 style class loading

I've got a patch that lets tomcat 4 load quite a bit. It'll need some polishing
before I can check it in, though.

+   any platform specific fixes

kiyo has got some fixes for m68k pending
http://www.kaffe.org/pipermail/kaffe/2003-May/029370.html , AFAIK. What's the
status there?

+   merge jit source docs from Helmer

I've mailed Helmer if the documentation is o.k. to check in. He's working on
even better docs.

* merges:

+   Classpath's collections (to be able to run
japitools on kaffe), and java.sql

the java sql merge is now done, AFAIK. Collections are not merged in yet, and
that is going to require some coordination with GNU Classpath team, since the
last time I've reviewed it, I've seen some bugs in their code ;)
+   more goodies from janosVM improvements to core VM

if Tim can find the time ;)

+   powerpc jit3 from janosVM.

I've got access to a powerpc machine, but I doubt I'll have the time to try
this. It would be nice if someone with a ppc could try merging it in.

+   more regression tests from janosVM

Tim has merged in the jitter tests. What's left are the class loader tests
which require jasmin and BCEL support, AFAIK. shouldn't be too hard to merge
in, but not exactly a show stopper. ;)

+   Svante's jit3 for ia64 and Gwenoles ia64 improvements from Mandrake

It would be great if Svante or Gwenole could try to merge it with current

+   any other platform specific merges

I assume that's mostly m68k fixes at the moment. There is also a qt patch
pending from Kim Seongbeom, I'll take care of checking it in.

Are there any pending patches that I've missed?

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