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Tue May 13 06:15:01 PDT 2003

--- Tony Wyatt <wyattaw at optushome.com.au> wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a utility around that would read my compiled classfiles and tell me
> their contents? I'm now at the stage of trying to find out why the jitters
> don't produce the right code on the m68k Amiga platform. Comparing the class
> file from the interpreter with that from the jitters, I find consistent
> differences, but I really need to know the contents of the whole compiled
> class.
> If there isn't anything available, I shall have to write one.

If you're talking about a java bytecode disassembler, there are many such
tools. Kaffe has its own (from kopi), it's called javap. It disassembles class
files to *.ksm files, in the kopi bytecode assembler syntax.

Sun's javap uses a slightly different syntax, though the tools are quite

Try javap --help for more information on its usage.

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