[kaffe] help with -Xxprof on Kaffe

root root at localhost.localdomain
Sat May 17 08:44:02 PDT 2003

        My primary objective is to understand how kaffe executes the 
bytecodes.I want to see in action(step-by-step) what happens once the 
bytecodes from the class files enters into the Kaffe virtual machine.I am 
trying to construct a kind of sequence diagram for the complete execution 
cycle.I downloaded Kprof(a visualization tool) which works on gprof 
output.But Kaffe has xprof facility(I think so from what I see in the 
directory structure...I am not sure) which will configure kaffe in such a way 
that gprof can work.From the output constructed by gprof,we can use Kprof.

I did the following while installing kaffe:
1)./configure --enable-xprofiling --with-staticvm --with-staticlib 
3)make install
When I type:
kaffe -Xxprof Helloworld
...it says -Xxprof command not found...

Can anyone help me with this?Also,it would be great if someone can point to me 
a tracing tool which will help me in tracing method calls and construct a 
kind of call graph?My objective is understanding step-by-step bytecode 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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