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Sun May 18 09:47:01 PDT 2003

CVSROOT:	/cvs/kaffe
Module name:	kaffe
Changes by:	hkraemer	03/05/18 09:44:56

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog 
	kaffe/kaffevm/systems/unix-pthreads: syscalls.c 
	kaffe/kaffevm  : classMethod.c 
	libraries/javalib/java/beans: PropertyChangeSupport.java 
	libraries/javalib/java/lang/reflect: Method.java 
	libraries/javalib/java/net: URLClassLoader.java 
	libraries/javalib/java/security: Permission.java 
	libraries/javalib/java/util/jar: JarEntry.java 
	libraries/javalib/kaffe/lang: PackageHelper.java 
Added files:
	libraries/javalib/java/security: Permissions.java 

Log message:
2003-05-18  Helmer Kraemer  <hkraemer at freenet.de>

* kaffe/kaffevm/systems/unix-pthreads/syscalls.c:
don't undef HAVE_FORK and HAVE_WAITPID since UNIXProcess.java
starts a dedicated thread that starts the new process and waits
until it is completed
(jthreadedAccept) use SO_RCVTIMEO if available

* kaffe/kaffevm/classMethod.c:
(loadClass) corrected calling user defined class loaders,
made the debug messages more verbose

* libraries/javalib/java/beans/PropertyChangeSupport.java:
(firePropertyChange) properly handle the case that there are no
listeners for the specific property, but listeners for all

* libraries/javalib/java/lang/reflect/Method.java:
(invoke) only check whether obj parameter is valid when
method is not static

* libraries/javalib/java/net/URLClassLoader.java:
(findClass) corrected the URL of the CodeSource,
changed type of certificates to java.security.cert.Certificate
(definePackage) use main attributes of manifest if
it doesn't contain an entry for the package to be defined

* libraries/javalib/java/security/Permission.java:
(newPermissionCollection) implemented

* libraries/javalib/java/security/PermissionCollection.java:
(add) new method declaration

* libraries/javalib/java/security/Permissions.java:
new file

* libraries/javalib/java/security/CodeSource.java:
changed type of certificates to java.security.cert.Certificate

* libraries/javalib/java/util/jar/JarEntry.java:
(getCertificates) dummy implementation

* libraries/javalib/kaffe/lang/PackageHelper.java:
(getPackageName) correctly extract package name

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