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Mon May 19 06:20:02 PDT 2003

Hi Claudio,

--- Claudio De Luca <cdeluca at zeni.com.ar> wrote:
> Good Morning .
> I would need that you said mi all the methods od the virtual java machine
> for can optimization them .
> Thaks .

I'm sorry, I have some trouble understanding your English. Maybe there is a
English-speaking person on your site who could act as a translator?

So, what precisely do you want to optimize, why do you want to do it, and how
do you intend to do it? 

Without such information, all I can say is very broad: you can optimize any
method/function depending on your goals. Profile before you optimize. Measure &
benchmark your optimizations. Send us patches when you think your optimizations
are good enough. ;)

On a side note, please don't post unrelated message digests atteched to your

dalibor topic

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