[kaffe] Testing for 1.1.0 release

Stuart Ballard sballard at netreach.com
Tue May 20 06:39:02 PDT 2003

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Timothy Stack wrote:
> As soon as the CVS version is fixed, I'd like to start testing things 
> for the release and have everyone report their results on this thread.  
> Testing should be done with the developers/FullTest.sh script when 
> possible and with whatever applications you use regularly.  When sending 
> reports, try to be as verbose as possible, tell us the architecture, OS, 
> compilers, and applications you used.  We'll try to fix what we can, but 
> some things just can't be done without major changes.

I have a testcase for java.util.Abstract* that I've been intending to
try out against Kaffe and Classpath, but I haven't been able to make
time yet. I wrote the testcase in the hope of tracking down an error in
nrdo (http://nrdo.sab39.org/) that causes errors in some cases.

The testcase is completely written and should be usable by anyone who's
interested - the part I haven't found time for is building a recent
version of Kaffe or Classpath and actually running the test and
evaluating the results.

If anyone's interested, I can send them the tests. If not, I'll get to
it sometime but it'll probably miss 1.1, of course.


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