[kaffe] Arrays.equals

Daniel Bonniot Daniel.Bonniot at inria.fr
Thu May 22 05:10:02 PDT 2003


Is there any reason to include a testcase for java libs in Kaffe's suite 
instead of putting it into Mauve?
It seems like missing an opportunity to make free VMs benefit from each 

>But I wouldn't want to enforce a specific indentation style, since we are using
>third party sources from different projects and they may have different
>opinions on indentation. Re-indenting their files could make merging harder
>than necessary.

I see.
Are there published (emacs) indentation style for Classpath (and 
others)? It seems like prj.el should be able to automagically guess the 
file source (looking for Classpath header, Kaffe header, ...), and apply 
the corresponding style.


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