[kaffe] MIPS Support Status - New Regression Failures

Kevin D. Kissell kevink at mips.com
Mon May 26 12:11:02 PDT 2003

> > 
> > It should be fixed now, with Tim's recent class loading patch.
> I've updated my sources, but just doing a "make" fails due to the stale
> references to kaffe/lang/SystemClassLoader.  So it's time to "make clean"
> and rebuild everyting - which will take all day on my slow MIPS/Linux box
> if it has to rebuild all the class libraries. I'll turn the crank and keep you all posted.

OK, after the make clean, the ./config.status, and the very long build and
regression run, I can report that the *interpreted* MIPS/Linux kaffe seems
to be OK from current CVS sources.  Now, if only someone had the time to
deal with that darned JIT...

            Kevin K.

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