Release freeze tomorrow? (Was: Re: [kaffe] Re: Makefile for java.nio)

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Thu May 29 02:09:01 PDT 2003

Salut Daniel,

--- Daniel Bonniot <Daniel.Bonniot at> wrote:
> >
> >
> >I haven't tried it with jikes yet, but I've just checked in a fix that
> worked
> >for me on kjc.
> >
> Thanks, it works with jikes too.
> So I can now report that kaffe built correctly, and make check reports 
> no error (only was SKIP'ed, is that normal?).

it's skipped, unless you build kaffe with --enable-debug.

> Furthermore, it could by used to bootstrap my Nice compiler 
> ( So as far as I am concerned, kaffe 1.1 can be 
> released ;-)

that's some good news. ;)
> What are the plans when approaching the release (still on June 1st?). 
> Will there be a release candidate? A CVS freeze, so people can do a last 
> test?

Here's my list of things that remain to be done:
* check reported build problems with qt (me)
* fix KAFFE_DEBUG_TEMPFILE security problems using mktemp (me)
* check in QPE fixes from jim huang (me)
* check in fix for libtool.m4 for m68k-amiga from tony (me)

* fix whatever problems remain with make dist and make distcheck
* update FAQ.autoconf to recommend latest versions of the tools
* update FAQ.unicode to reflect that kaffe uses Classpath's implementation now
* look into the latest freenet crash traces

If anyone could write a few manpages for kaffe tools other than kaffe (and
update kaffe.1 to reflect the current state of affairs, like the options added
in the last 3 years ;), that would be great, too.

If we could get most of that done today, freeze tomorrow and create a rc1
tarball, and release until the weekend, I'd be very impressed ;) Jim, do you
have time to organize the release?

> Cheers,
> Daniel
> PS: Dalibor, I saw in CVS that you wrote FAQ.mauve, thanks. It did not 
> appear yet on the web site, though.

Thanks for the reminder, I'll put it on the web. ;)

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