[kaffe] CVS kaffe (guilhem): Imported java.io from GNU Classpath (except encoding) + fixes

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Sun Nov 2 06:11:02 PST 2003

Kaffe CVS wrote:

>PatchSet 4148 
>Date: 2003/11/02 13:29:34
>Author: guilhem
>Branch: HEAD
>Tag: (none) 
>Imported java.io from GNU Classpath (except encoding) + fixes
>This checkin has also a small fix concerning java.util.zip against the
>new implementation of FilterOutputStream.

I disabled InputStreamTest because java.io.DataInputStream (readLine) 
has a misbehaviour.  I'm currently awaiting commentaries from 
Classpath's developpers about that particular point. If you encounter 
any new incorrect behaviour please tell me. For the moment I'll try to 
fix classes using Mauve tests...


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