[kaffe] Mysql Trouble!

caioli caioli at www.infstudio.it
Mon Nov 3 08:38:02 PST 2003

i'm trying to use Mysql from kaffe with my yopy pda using mysql connector
3.0.8. My java software find mysql driver, but can't connect to
mysql database.
Of course, there is no firewall on that pda and the privileges are ok, port 
3306 is open.
If i use mysql -h host from the same pda or from an other pc in the network,
mysql client works fine, both connecting to mysql server running on the pda 
or on an other pc. I think the trouble is in kaffe, anyone can help me?
Just for record, i tried to connect to a mysql server on an other pc from 
kaffe, with the same result...
Best regards.


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