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Wed Nov 12 16:37:02 PST 2003

Hi Syed,

please don't quote unrelated mails in your replies, and please use 
meningful subject lines ;)

Syed Mudasir ahmed wrote:
> hi,
>    i am using kaffe-1.1.1 and jetty 4.2.12,
> Jetty seeam to work fine, but unable to pick up the
> pages, i do not find why is it doing so, i able to
> load the pages manualy,
> i am trying to complie the kaffe classes sepratly, coz
> i gusses the problem is with the classes not with the
> kaffe. i have a request
> 1. which version of JDK does kaffe use

Kaffe doesn't use the JDK. It's a clean room implementation, and 
contains no source coder from Sun's implementation.

> 2. how to make jetty working with kaffe

there was a bug in the CVS that prevented Jetty from working properly. 
It has been fixed now. Make sure read the jetty documentation: just 
running jetty without a web app will result in a 404 message. Also make 
sure that you pass -Dbuild.compiler=kjc to jetty in order to be able to 
compile the servlets with kaffe's compiler.

> 3. how to complie classes sepratly

I'm not sure what you need. Take a look at FAQ.classlibrary-compile for 
a description of the class library build process. In general,

cd library/javalib

will build the class libraries if kaffe has been already built. Read 
FAQ.classlibrary-compile for more information.

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