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S. Meslin-Weber twiun at adorphuye.com
Mon Nov 17 11:22:02 PST 2003

Hi Everyone,

I stumbled on some interesting algorithm documents today and thought 
others implementing low-level primitives in Java (Graphics and/or Java2D) 
might find them useful. I emailed the author and we are welcome to use the 
documents at:


Hope some other than I will find this useful!



P.S. I'm including his email for information (both addresses are readily 
available on our respective sites so no point masking them):

From: Dave Eberly <eberly at magic-software.com>
To: "S. Meslin-Weber" <twiun at adorphuye.com>
Subject: Re: Information request
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 12:44:28 -0500

> Hello Stephane.
>> I develop open source software and recently came across the files
>> contained on your website: http://www.magic-software.com/Documentation/
>> through a google search. I am implementing some low-level graphical
>> primitives in Java and searched for an integerised ellipse algorithm.
>> Before using these documents as the basis for my implementation I would
>> like to request your permission to do so. I also believe that others in
>> related open source projects could benefit from your documentation, are
>> there any plans on making them available from your main site?
> You may reach the documentation from the home page, select the
> "Source Code" tab, then select the "Documentation" tab.  Also from
> the "Source Code" tab, select the "Image Analysis" tab.  At the bottom
> of that page are files WmlRasterDrawing.{h,cpp}.  These files contain
> implementations of integerised ellipse algorithms.
> You are welcome to use the documentation and the source for your
> projects.
> --
> Dave Eberly
> eberly at magic-software.com
> http://www.magic-software.com
> http://www.wild-magic.com

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