[kaffe] good initial stack/heap size in embedded environment

Mark and Janice Juszczec juszczec at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 18 15:10:02 PST 2003

Hi folks

I've gotten kaffe compiled and installed on my Helio.

I'm getting a SIGSEGV when I try to use kaffe to execute a class file.

I've tracked it down to kaffe/kaffevm/itypes.c

It happens among the calls to initPrimClass in initTypes().  I don't get the 
signal in the same place-each time I run a different number of initPrimClass 
calls succeed.

It got me wondering if kaffe is trying to reserve too much stack or heap.  
The Helio has 8Mb RAM and 2Mb flash.  Can I use the default stack/heap size 
(what is the default size?) or should I specify one at the command line?  If 
I've got to feed sizes in at the command line, what are reasonable values?


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