[kaffe] Re: Classloader bugs

Daniel Bonniot Daniel.Bonniot at inria.fr
Tue Nov 18 17:39:02 PST 2003


I did the investigation on Bug2. It turns out that the whole story is 
about getParent() returning null, which is allowed. So Bug2 is not a 
bug. (It took me sometime to find this out, because of the stack frame 
printed, both at the Java level and inside gdb. The error was actually a 
standard NullpointerException in Java code, but since it was called by 
native code, this was not apparent. BTW, I could not get -Xxdebugging to 
work, the option is not recognized. Is  
http://www.kaffe.org/doc/kaffe/FAQ.xdebugging outdated?)

I still think Bug.java exhibits a bug in kaffe. I'm afraid I won't be 
able to investigate this anytime soon.


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