[kaffe] Documentation

Gerlando Falauto iurly at writeme.com
Sun Nov 23 14:34:02 PST 2003

Hi everyone,

I haven't read the list for a few months now, so I don't 
know if there have been any developments from the documentation front.
Anyway, my thesis (due in a few days) includes some useful information 
(well at least I guess it might be useful to other people) about the 
project, especially the JIT workings. 
Some of the information might not be 100% percent accurate.
Although I guess there wouldn't be enough time to make adequate
corrections to the thesis, I hope some of you (Dalibor? Tim? Jim?) might 
be willing to give it a read anyway. 

As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to package some decent reference for
starters before oblivion comes to me.
At least to save newbies from the discouragement of an undocumented 
bulk of
"about 80,000 lines of platform-independent C code for the core virtual
machine, 17,000 lines of C and 110,000 lines of Java code for the class
library, and 34,000 lines of platform-dependent C code distributed among
10 different architectures". Well that was 1.0.7, I don't know what's
changed since then.

Please let me know what you guys think, if I should send a document to the 
list, and in what format.


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