[kaffe] about wait and notify

Luca Ferrari fluca1978 at virgilio.it
Mon Nov 24 00:09:02 PST 2003

Hi to everyone,
I've got a doubt about the behaviour of wait/notify methods at the JVM level. 
This doubt came in my mind after I noticed a misbehaving program which was 
using such methods. By the way here's the problem: running a program which 
executes a notify() call on a monitor, I noticed two different behavior 
between kaffe and sun JVM. While the former (1.0.5) executes rightly, that 
means suspend the notifier thread and resume waiting threads just after the 
notify call, the latter didn't: it continued the execution of the notifier 
thread untill re-schedulation. 
Now I'd like to know if this is true (i.e., the two JVMs act differently on 
thread synchronization) and is a design aspect. If so can anybody tell me why 
there's this difference?


Luca Ferrari,
fluca1978 at virgilio.it

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