[PATCH] Fix for parisc-hpux (Was: Re: [kaffe] HP-UX and IPv6 still fail)

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Thu Oct 2 04:20:04 PDT 2003

Dalibor Topic wrote:

> so if someone feels like tackling any of them, go for it, don't wait for 
> me ;) The crash in the shell is particularly worrisome in my opinion.

The crash in the shell was due to kaffe crashing during the compilation 
of a java file using kjc.

There is still a couple of warnings left, though I'll leave them for 
later, given that we're in release freeze and all that ;)

> In order to get there, you'll need binutils 2.14 and gcc 3.3.1. I'm 
> using gnu make to build kaffe, and a 'distrubution' of kaffe created on 
> a linux box from current CVS by running 'make dist'. One can;t build 
> shared libs on HPUX for some reason, so you need to configure kaffe with 
> --disable-shared.

I haven't looked further into this.

> I'd be particularly glad to see the type-punning warnings fixed, as I 
> have no idea what they are about. Jim, you've fixed some type-punning 
> warnings before, could you take a look at those?

I've factored out the type-punning warning producing code into its own 
function, so it should be easier to fix. I'm not sure what the proper 
fix is though. Later, after the release ;)

> Once the warnings are gone, I hope kaffe will run happily on parisc-hpux 
> again, and on parisc-linux, too ;)

parisc-hpux works mostly for me, it fails 24 regressions tests with the 
attached patch.

I'll wait for a day before I check it in, as I'd like to hear some comments:

the patch removes the use of mprotect in debugging mode to 'harden' 
memory areas in the gc. Accoding to hp-ux man pages, mprotect can only 
be used in conjuction with mmapped files. So I wrote a wrapper function 
for gc for mprotect on hp-ux and there were illegal access errors, 
leading to kaffe crashing a little bit later. So my patch removes 
mprotect usage completely. Is everyone o.k. with that?

dalibor topic
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