[kaffe] Planning for 1.1.2 release

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Sun Oct 5 09:24:02 PDT 2003

Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
> On Sat, 27 Sep 2003 18:06:48 +0200
> Dalibor Topic <robilad at kaffe.org> wrote:

>>b) fixing most of the broken platforms to build again with latest gcc 
>>(gcc 3.3.1) ( 1.1.2 was somewhat borked there ;)

I hope to have fixed all of the remaining multi-line string issues 
yesterday. Other issues pointed out by the debian buildd logs have been 
already fixed earlier.

>>c) merging in java.beans from Classpath (needed to run jboss on kaffe)

Milos Negovanovic has started to work on this, and posted some patches. 
Due to us being in release freeze, those will go in after 1.1.2 has been 

>>d) adding more docs on what third party components are used in kaffe,
>>where they came from, what the licenses are etc in THIRDPARTY

Done in part. Still needs to be finished.

>>e) a THIRDPARTY-CHANGES file documenting the changed files with respect
>>to Classpath, for example

I have a file on my disk, that needs to be updated to reflect the 
current state of affairs.

>>f) syncing back to classpath, i.e. getting the great work done by Ito,
>>Helmer and Guilhem into GNU Classpath

Guilhem has been working with Mark Wielaard on getting his patches back 
in. I don't know if Helmer and Ito have filled in their paperwork with 
FSF to be able to contribute back to Classpath.

>>g) merging in java.util.jar from GNU Classpath

Milos Negovanovic has posted a set of patches that replaces kaffe's 
java.util.zip and java.util.jar with Classpath's. I'm picking easily 
mergeable classes from java.util.zip, and merged in those. The rest from 
java.util.zip needs some changes in Classpath's implementation in order 
to support multiple zip backends (I want both libz from kaffe and pure 
java from Classpath). This needs to be discussed on the classpath 
mailing list.

>>h) fixing the outstanding bugs (collection stuff seems to be the most

Not much done yet, I'll be looking at the collections bugs real soon now 
;) I want to merge Stuart's patch in, and hope to have a simple fix for 
the ant issue Jim reported a few weeks ago.

>>i) merging the outstanding patches in (long mail from michael, rmi
>>patches, jboss patches from classpath)

Nothing yet. Probably post-release.

>>j) fixing the libtool-vs-static-vm problem pointed out by Kiyo and Andrea

Nothing yet.

>>k) fixing the libtool-vs-cross-compilation problem pointed out by sebastian

Nothing yet.

>>l) merging in the NIO improvements by Michael Koch (guilhem)

Done. I think Michael fixed a few more things in the mean-time, so it 
may be worth looking over it again and bringing those changes into kaffe.

>>m) fixing the long standing broken strtod replacement issue for Linux 2.0

Unfortunately, nothing yet.

>>n) fixing hp-ux (helmer, riccardo, me)

Kind of works for me(TM). I can build kaffe on it with a prebuilt 
rt.jar, I haven't tried compiling rt.jar from scratch. More than 20 
regression tests fail. It would need a parisc/hpux hacker to take a look 
at it and fix what's broken.

I think I'll add dynamic_libs = no to config.frag on all parisc 
platforms at the moment.

My plan for today: collections, then sparc-solaris, then a stern look at 
the debian java.library.path issue, with a few attempts at fixing 
remaining breakage on parisc-linux and alpha-linux.

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