[kaffe] kaffe gtk awt

supreet supreet at linux-delhi.org
Tue Oct 14 12:02:01 PDT 2003

I am new to kaffe, java and this virtual machine stuff. I am very much
interested in seeing my yahoo chat rooms in native kit, that is in my
case GTK. So I was looking at gtk/awt. I have been able to compile it
into shared library with cvs version of kaffe. But I am getting
following error while running appletviewer:


java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: idleCallback
   at java.awt.Window.<init> (Window.java:34)
   at java.awt.Window.<clinit> (Window.java:26)


If somebody can gimme some clue, what are issues involved to integrate a
new AWT, although gtk port is complete is lot of senses.
Are there any online documents available relating to this.

I have got changed or added following files:

Currently I am compiling this on RedHat 9

Thanx in advance

PS: How complicated it is to compile mozilla-oji-plugin. And How far
fetched it would be to think, I could run applet like yahoo chat room
using kaffe

supreet <supreet at linux-delhi.org>

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