[kaffe] Make Error for PowerPC

Syed Mudasir ahmed mudasir_1975 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 22 00:25:02 PDT 2003

   i was unable to register into the mailing list and
hence i had to mail.
 i have downloaded the kaffe-1.1.2.tar.gz for
i have complied it to i686(Linux -Red Hat 8) which was
very succesfull. now i have to port it to PowerPC(MPC

i tried Cross compling (cross Complier details at the
end of mail) it with the following command

CC=ppc_8xx-gcc NM=ppc_8xx-nm  LD=ppc_8xx-ld
RANLIB=ppc_8xx-ranlib ./configure
--build=i686-pc-linux-gnu --host=powerpc-linux
--target=powerpc-linux --enable-pure-java-math 
(default install directory is /usr/local)

and also set the env varible KAFFEH  to Current

but it fails when i make
-------- Make fails-----------
make[1]: Entering directory
/home/test/kaffe-1.1.2/ -classpath
../libraries/javalib/Klasses.jar.bootstrap -o
java_lang_Object.h java/lang/Object
/bin/sh: line 1: /home/test/kaffe-1.1.2/: is a
make[1]: *** [stamp-h0all] Error 126
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
---------- END of Make ---------

i have followed the cross compliation FAQ as in site.

---Cross Complier Details--
library lib (2.95.3)
Glibc (2.2.5)
Binutils (2.11.2) Toolchains
Linux kernel 2.4.18
Red Hat Kernel Version - 2.4.18-14
------ END -----------------

Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated

Syed Mudasir Ahmed

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