[kaffe] DivideByZero Error

btaylor btaylor at gwu.edu
Wed Oct 22 19:12:02 PDT 2003


Appreciate any insights to resolve the proper handling of an anomaly found 
during negative testing: a parameter passed to test DivideByZero handling led 
to an abort signal issued (seen with Totalview debugger) rather than the 
expected DivideByZero exception being issued (when a Cray Kaffe test was 
compared with a Sun Java baseline). Some review indicates that within the 
Virtual Machine (machine.c), the Integer Division routine (IDIV) calls 
"check_int" before the fatal call to "div_int". Perhaps i overlooked it, but 
the "check_int" definition (at least within machine.c appears to only be a 
stub. Is that it ... or could i be pointed to its more complete definition?

Many Thanks!

Brad Taylor
The George Washington University

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