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Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Sat Oct 25 11:10:03 PDT 2003

Amir Hossein payberah wrote:
> Hi every body,
> I'm a new user in Kaffe,
> I try to use kaffe plugin for mozilla,
> I'va got kaffe-1.1.2 and compile it,
> it works good, but i can not compile its plugin,
> I've used kaffeOJIPlugin,but when i compile 
> it, it has some many error,

Hi Amir,

the OJI plugin doesn't work with kaffe 1.1.2 yet, Aleksandr Abakin is 
working on it, but has some problems with a threading issue. See his 
post here: http://www.kaffe.org/pipermail/kaffe/2003-October/044131.html

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