[kaffe] Bug Report: NIO SelectorImpl crashing

Everton da Silva Marques everton at lab.ipaccess.diveo.net.br
Wed Oct 29 15:05:02 PST 2003

Please find attached a small test program which
reproduces the following crash under Kaffe 1.1.2:

/usr/local/kaffe/bin/java -classpath build telnet.TelnetServer
waiting for connections on 1234
   at gnu.java.nio.SelectorImpl.deregisterCancelledKeys (SelectorImpl.java:234)
   at gnu.java.nio.SelectorImpl.select (SelectorImpl.java:146)
   at gnu.java.nio.SelectorImpl.select (SelectorImpl.java:92)
   at telnet.TelnetServer.serve (TelnetServer.java:93)
   at telnet.TelnetServer.main (TelnetServer.java:22)

I have looked quickly on the problem, and it seems
SelectorImpl.deregisterCancelledKeys() calls cancelledKeys(),
which is inherited as "returning null" from AbstractSelector:

class SelectorImpl extends AbstractSelector:

  private final void deregisterCancelledKeys()
    Iterator it = cancelledKeys().iterator();

class AbstractSelector:

  protected final Set cancelledKeys()
    return null;

So is someone writing SelectorImpl.cancelledKeys()...? ;)


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