[kaffe] Could not initialize Kaffe.

Syed Mudasir ahmed mudasir_1975 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 29 22:43:02 PST 2003

  i am using kaffe-1.1.1 complied for powerpc with
libffi for embedded system

  i have set the CLASSPATH to rt.jar and kjc.jar
  the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set to

  when i do the following i get the following error
  1. kaffe/bin#./javac hello.java (the same gets
compiled on kaffe i686
  Syntax Error
  2. kaffe/jre/bin#.kaffe-bin hello

	Could not initialize Kaffe.
	It's likely that your CLASSPATH settings are wrong. 
Please make sure
	your CLASSPATH does not include any java.lang.*
classes from other JVM
	vendors, such as Sun's or IBM's rt.jar (or
classes.zip), BEFORE Kaffe's rt.jar.
	It should be okay to have Sun's rt.jar AFTER Kaffe's

	The current effective classpath is
==================END ERROR===========================

  3.The Share directory is missing with Klasses.jar is
missing also --is it okay

  pls let me know how to go about and over come the

  thanks in advance
  with regards
  Syed Mudasir Ahmed

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