[kaffe] problems with kaffe-1.1.2 + ant-1.5.4

Juan Antonio Martinez jantonio at dit.upm.es
Fri Oct 31 02:10:02 PST 2003

El jue, 30-10-2003 a las 18:45, Dalibor Topic escribió:
> Hola Juan,


> BTW, you can also use build.compiler=kjc to load kjc in the same VM 
> where ant is running, if you expect performance gains from that.

Thanks: build.compiler=kjc works fine


> You should give us the invocation line of kjc, too. 
> Probably ant messes up an option for kjc, and doesn't 
> use the proper option to call it. 
> That's an issue that using build.compiler=kjc should solve.

By echoing call to javac I obtain:

 [javac] javac called as:
/opt/usr/java/kaffe-1.1.2/bin/javac -d
/home/jantonio/public_html/work/test/build -classpath
/home/jantonio/public_html/work/test/build:/opt/usr/java/junit3.8.1/junit.jar:/opt/usr/java/junit3.8.1/junit/tests/runner/test.jar:/home/jantonio:/home/jantonio/public_html/work/test:/opt/usr/java/apache-ant-1.5.4/lib/xml-apis.jar:/opt/usr/java/apache-ant-1.5.4/lib/xercesImpl.jar:/opt/usr/java/apache-ant-1.5.4/lib/optional.jar:/opt/usr/java/apache-ant-1.5.4/lib/ant.jar:/ -sourcepath /home/jantonio/public_html/work/test/src -g:none -verbose /home/jantonio/public_html/work/test/src/test/Alumno.java /home/jantonio/public_html/work/test/src/test/Cuenta.java
 [javac] Kjc: invalid option -- :
file:/home/jantonio/public_html/work/test/build.xml:33: Compile failed;
see the
compiler error output for details.


This is correct, so I suspect that something fails when forking 
ant to a new process to call the compiler. I'll try to investigate
deeper, Anyway I solved my problem :-)

Thanks a lot

Juan Antonio Martinez <jantonio at dit.upm.es>
Dpto Ingenieria Telematica
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