[kaffe] Kaffe on arm-uClinux: tests & benckmark

Andrea Scian andrea.scian at wawnet.biz
Thu Sep 4 02:33:02 PDT 2003

Thanks for your answer!!!!

> you could compile the tests with kjc on cygwin (that was your host
> platform, right?) and then run them manually on your ARM platform. No
> great fun.

Well... now I have moved for cygwin to a full Linux system... too many
problems under windows! :-)
I think I will not use the regression test of Kaffe.... too much work to run
them manually... unless I find a way to run the script under uClinux shell

> You could also try running some benchmark-in-a-jar, like caffeinemark,
> or SciMark2. See FAQ.benchmarking for more information.

I'm currently using Caffeinemark3, SciMark2, jMocha and Linpack and they run
preatty well (only a few problem with jMocha because I don't have enoght
heap free)... the only thing missing is something to test the java.net
package, but I'll write a few line of code to check if socket are working...

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