[kaffe] A matter of performance

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Tue Sep 16 02:57:01 PDT 2003

Hi Venkatesh,

Venkatesh Prasad Ranganath wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using Kaffe but with hesitation at this point.  I have build kaffe 
> from the CVS copy with the following config options.
> ./configure --enable-shared --disable-static --with-awt=X --with-x 
> --with-engine=jit3 --with-jvmpi
> The issue I have is that an application takes really long time in to run 
> on Kaffe as compared to JDK.  I wonder is this just my configuration or 
> is it something inherent in Kaffe?

Have you tried profiling the application on kaffe to see where the time 
is spent? It might be some inefficient library method that burns all the 
time, but we haven't found out about it yet.

A second thought: If you run kaffe without jvmpi, does that change 
anything to the better? It *may* (but doesn't have to) be the jvmpi 
support slowing things down.

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