[kaffe] Workshop/BoF: Graphics in GNU Classpath

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Thu Sep 18 10:52:01 PDT 2003

Hi all,

As you might already know Sascha Brawer convinced the nice people of
Linux Kongress 2003 to let us have a GNU Classpath developers workshop
about graphics support. It will take place on Tuesday Oct 14th in
Saarbrücken, Germany. And attending the workshop will be free. Much
thanks go to the Linux Kongress organizers! (*).

We now have two speakers. Jean-Daniel Fekete will give a talk about the
Agile2D OpenGL Renderer. And Mark Wielaard will talk about the GNU
Classpath VM interface issues. There is room for more presentations so
if you would like to give a presentation during the workshop or have
ideas for topics to discuss, please contact Sascha Brawer
(brawer at dandelis.ch).

More details (and some papers to discuss) can be found at:

Hope to see some of you there.



(*) The official 10th International Linux System Technology Conference
program costs money but the program is really nice. There will be onde
day of tutorials, two days of talks, a keysigning party, a social event
and a keynote by Red Hat's CTO Michael Tiemann. So you are encouraged to
participate. See: http://www.linux-kongress.org/2003/
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