[kaffe] Freeing jit temp data on demand (Was: Re: JavaLayer 0.3.0

Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Fri Sep 19 10:24:02 PDT 2003


> > now the jit frees its temp data, but I don't hear a sound anymore and 
> > the cpu usage is at ninety-something percent ;)
> > 
> > when I run kaffe with -verbosecall and pipe the output to a file, I can 
> > hear some sound, but it skips. Weird. Could you take a third look at the 
> > code?
> yeah, I just have to find a machine where sound works.

Okie, I've duplicated the problem, the gc is getting stuck and that eats 
up all the CPU.  In particular it gets stuck in startGC() looping on the 
finalizer list.  I tried backing out helmer's last changes to the GC and 
it seems to run fine again, but I'm not really sure where the bug is just 

btw, playing mp3's with kaffe is kinda neat!

> > cheers,
> > dalibor topic
> tim


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