[kaffe] loadClass() vs. loadClass()

Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Fri Sep 19 10:31:02 PDT 2003

> Could this probably help with the problem about loading
> classes during verification, too? One of the problems
> was that we thought we couldn't predict the state of a
> class that's returned by a user class loader, but this
> paragraph seems to define this, doesn't it ?

I don't think so, the root of the problem is that once you call into user 
code, all bets are off.  For example:

  Class loadClass(String name)
     Class retval;

     return retval;

The call to newInstance() will be the first-use, so the VM will have to 
complete linking before loadClass() returns control to the VM.

> Regards,
> Helmer 


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