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nmag only gnulinux at ec-red.com
Sat Sep 20 04:55:03 PDT 2003


Well, I'm reading about XPCOM, I got the kaffe mozilla plugin source, 
I'm reading and studying the source code, I will be ready to start as 
soon as possible, but I need some information, where I can announce to 
the mozilla developers that I work on kaffe plugin? is there a list? I 
appreciate if you can send me the link for subscription.

Thank a lot!

Dalibor Topic wrote:

> nmag only wrote:
>> Hi friends,
>> I'm very interested in getting kaffe plugin and working on it. Is 
>> there somebody working already on it?
> I don't know of anyone working on it right now. Maybe you and Hemanth 
> could try together to get it to run. Oh, and you should probably get 
> in touch with the mozilla developers to announce you're working on it, 
> and get in touch with the XPCOM developers. I bet you'll have some 
> XPCOM related questions sooneer or later ;)
> cheers,
> dalibor topic
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