[kaffe] build breakage

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Tue Sep 23 13:12:01 PDT 2003

James Simmons wrote:

> It works now. The only problem is I need very specific build tools to make 
> it work. The laptop I have on my current system is barfed. So only one 
> laptop with kaffe works. I really really hate teh build system :-(

At least something ... I'm glad it at least kind of works for you now. 
If the problem is in the building of class library, just send me a 
message, and I'll put a distribution online on kaffe.org/~robilad from 
the current sources. Distribution have the nice property that you don;t 
have to rebuild the class library.

So if you want to play with kaffe from CVS, but class library 
compilation breakage prevents you from doing so, drop me an e-mail, and 
I'll try to help. ;)

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